Experienced Fire Protection Engineers who specialise in the Petrochemical Sector.
Experienced Fire Protection Engineers who specialise in the Petrochemical Sector.
Fire Protection Engineering Consultancy

Fire Protection Engineering Consultancy

Work with Industrial Specialists…

Fire Engineering and Technical Consultancy is at the heart of our business. We have developed extensive experience across various sectors throughout the UK and worked with some of the biggest chemical companies in the world. By forming partnerships with our clients, we deliver bespoke solutions to ensure your business is prepared should the unthinkable happen.


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Prescriptive vs Performance Based

Unlike other fire protection companies, we don’t just adopt a prescriptive approach to every situation. While prescriptive code compliance may be suitable for some projects, it can severely hinder the progress of others. At Firenta, we adopt a risk based, performance approach with all our fire engineering to ensure your facility is suitably protected without constraint.

Extensive network of specialists

We have a specialist network of Fire Engineers throughout the UK and we maintain strong links with governing bodies, local authorities, and training establishments. This allows us to keep up to date with the latest developments and ensures that our people are the right people to support you in your projects – from start to finish.

Industrial Emergency Pre-Incident Planning

Industrial Emergency Pre-Incident Planning

When it comes to Pre-Incident Planning, we really are specialists. We utilise over 10 years of experience across various COMAH sites to produce bespoke pre-plans to support your onsite personnel and the local fire authority during a major incident. We have delivered pre-plans for some of the largest oil companies throughout the UK covering a wide range of Incident scenarios.

Our pre-plans involve an evaluation of your credible scenarios, an assessment of their potential consequences and an analysis of resources required to respond to them. We base our plans on the logical steps required to mitigate the effects of the incident and bring it to a safe and successful conclusion. We continually develop our plans to ensure they are innovative and industry leading, while remaining practical for use by the people who need them.

Some of the main features our plans include (but not limited to):

  • The use of latest Industry Leading Consequence Analysis software PHAST 7.21
  • Foam and water requirements (including boundary cooling requirements).
  • Theoretical burn durations for many tank and pool fires
  • Containment capacity calculations to identify when containment may be lost
  • A systematic guide of incident controller actions to follow
  • Analysis of equipment required to deal with the incident.
Consequence Analysis (DNV PHAST)

Consequence Analysis (DNV PHAST)

As Competent users of DNV’s PHAST, If you need consequence analysis for Safety case submission, modelling for your pre-incident plans or you want to demonstrate best practice to industry regulators by demonstrating risks have been analysed as far as reasonably practicable, we can help.

PHAST is the world’s most comprehensive process hazard analysis software, to provide consequence analysis for all stages of design and operation. PHAST examines the progress of a potential incident from the initial release to far-field dispersion analysis including modelling of pool spreading and evaporation, and flammable and toxic effects. To meet your risk management goals, you need a robust understanding of the hazards posed by a process facility.

Key benefits of PHAST:

• Trustworthy results – integrated models are constantly validated and verified
• Wide applicability – various release types and sources can be modelled, e.g. from leaks, pipework, pipelines, ruptures, relief devices, vessel ruptures and more
• Assess diverse hazards – assess a wide range of flammable and toxic hazards
• Extensively validated models – PHAST provides a comprehensive suite of extensively validated models for analysis of process industry hazards
• Understandable results – All our results will be displayed in an easy to understand report produced by Firenta.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (Smoke Movement and Control Analysis)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (Smoke Movement and Control Analysis)

In many projects (particularly buildings of innovative design and complexity), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) will likely be required as part of a design process to establish expected temperatures and smoke movement a fire situation. This may be to validate a building design or to justify deviation from codes or ‘best practice’.

Working closely with one of our chartered associates, we can provide computational fluid dynamic modelling to assess the tenability limits within a compartment and the sizing of smoke control vents.

To speak to us about how Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling can support your project, contact us.

Gap Analysis Services

Gap Analysis Services

We understand that continual assessment of safety critical procedures and control measures within an organisation are important. A Gap Analysis review is an extremely useful tool to evaluate a company’s current position to identify any areas for improvement. There are various approaches which can be taken when carrying out a gap analysis. The analysis can assess compliance across a full fire prevention policy or it can be a focused examination of an area within your response philosophy. There is often advantage in using external specialists to support you and provide a fresh perspective.

Here at Firenta, we can help you with this. We have a multi-disciplined team of specialists who can carry out a gap analysis and then work with you in producing a workable action plan. Contact us now to find out more

Compliance Auditing and Consultation

Compliance Auditing and Consultation

If you would like your facility audited as preparation to a corporate audit or you would like us to audit your tenants within your industrial complex, we can help. We have experience auditing tenants for our clients to ensure they are operating in a safe and compliant manner. If we find that things are not quite right, we work closely with all parties to ensure that standards are raised and maintained, in a cost effective and timely manner.

Regulatory Advice

Regulatory Advice

The Industrial, chemical, and oil and gas sector has a vast range of guidance codes available to ensure your facility is both compliant and demonstrating best practice. Sometimes it may seem daunting trying to understand the overwhelming amount of information which is available but don’t worry – we can help.

We have extensive experience of the fire prevention legislation and supporting guidance documents that governs these sectors. So if you need advice on understanding and implementing the guidance within these documents, get in touch.

New Website Launched!

After a successful launch of our new website, we would like to thank the team at Blast Digital in Hartlepool ( for their work and support throughout the duration of the project. We look forward to working with James and the team  on the next phase of the project.


We are speaking at HAZMAT 2017!

The 24th and 25th of May saw the return of HAZMAT 2017 - an event ran by NCEC (part of RICARDO-AEA) which provides the opportunity for Hazmat specialists to share experiences and knowledge with like-minded professionals working in the hazmat response industry. The event draws upon the knowledge and experience of a range of hazmat professionals and industry leaders, as well as that of NCEC’s own emergency responders & Tactical HAZMAT. This Year, Firentas' own Senior Fire Engineer, An...

25TH MAY 2017